Sunday, March 26, 2017

Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers

I see a decent number of movies in the theater. I prefer seeing shows on the big screen with crowds, and since I can afford the high prices, I go as often as I like.

This year, there has been an unusual number of movies released during the usually dead January through March period that I've wanted to see. I saw two more this week. Next week I'm looking forward to seeing Ghost in the Shell.

Carol and I saw Beauty and the Beast last weekend. It sticks pretty closely to the classic Disney animated film but adds more character background and interaction between Belle and the Beast, changes which I think improved the film. Emma Watson is an amazing human being and she's great in this. The costumes, sets, and CGI characters are excellent, without crossing over into that weird Tim Burton "Alice in Wonderland" aesthetic. And of course the music is excellent. If you like the original film or just like musicals, it's definitely worth seeing.

Oh, and the "gay" controversy wherein people with sticks up their butt were upset because Le Fou is gay was much ado. Yes, I thought it was pretty clear he was gay, but so little is made of it the people getting upset look stupid and silly. Grow up. It's the 21st century.

Yes, I went to see Power Rangers. Alone.

I liked the original Power Rangers show in the 90's and I thought this looked like fun. I was right. The main criticism of the film is that it's more Breakfast Club than Power Rangers, but I found the story of the kids to be interesting and well acted. The Blue Power Ranger, Billy, talks about being on the autism spectrum and I liked the realism of how he was portrayed. And any movie where the great Bill Hader voices a crazy robot is okay with me.

The story was pretty faithful to the conventions of the TV show and Elizabeth Banks is great as the villain, Rita Repulsa, chewing up every scene. This was heavily an origin story with more movies already planned to come if it does well. I hope it does. I'm looking forward to the next one.

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