Thursday, February 08, 2018

Shutdown Redux

"Senator" Rand Paul, tonight, on the pending bill to fund the government:
"My party is now complicit in the deficits"

Dear Rand Paul,

Shut the fuck up.

Republicans have ALWAYS been complicit in the deficits. Driving up huge deficits started with Reagan and continues through today. Republicans overspend on the military and cut taxes to deprive the government of revenue. Shockingly, this increases the deficits.

Then, Democrats come in, raise taxes on the wealthy to increase revenue, spend more money on programs that give average Americans money to put back into the economy for things like rent, food, clothes and healthcare, and then, ta-da, the economy grows, creating jobs, and generating more tax revenue. This lowers the deficits. (See Clinton and Obama, e.g.) It's not rocket science, a fact that Republicans, including deficit hawks, never seem to grasp.

And two months ago, you, RAND PAUL, voted for the stupidest tax cut in history, which will increase the debt by $1.5 trillion. Maybe you should have thought about your precious deficits when you did that, you mindless hypocrite.

So, I say again, shut the fuck up, Rand Paul, you stupid git.




Democrats spread hate daily said...

I will agree with you about Clinton. Who was considered a fiscal conservative but social liberal. But Obama really? Didn't he increase national debt more than any other president while also depressing the economy? Didn't the economy grow at the fastest rate ever once Obama was no longer in office? I can't stand it when people vote and talk on party lines only without consideration of fact.

Ipecac said...

Yes, Obama really. Where have you been?

Here are some posts with statistics (all linked), if you're really interested in FACTS.

And the reason the national debt was up during Obama was because of the recession he inherited. Wait till you see the debt when the Tax Cut for the rich really kicks in.

Democrats spread hate daily said...

I can only respond to so many excuses. You love posting articles from firmly liberal sources that spread the word of how everything we have is thanks to dear Obama. I can tell you that I truly believe that Obama did what he thought was right to help the country, but I disagreed with most things he did. I believe Obama did a lot of harm to this country with his policies even though he and yourself believed he was doing good. Sorry no facts on this one just my personal opinion to tired to look stuff up tonight. I will try to be better prepared for your next response.

Ipecac said...

How is the fact that Obama came into office (2009) near the bottom of the worst recession in the past half century an "excuse". It's objective reality.

Mainstream media are NOT "firmly liberal sources". Mainstream media outlets are owned by huge corporations. The idea that they're liberal is just propaganda. And, in any event, if sources have facts to back them up, it doesn't matter if a source is liberal or conservative. Facts are facts.

The fact that you aren't interested in the reality of the economic turnaround during the Obama years, or even willing to acknowledge it, including greatly increased employment, recovery from the great recession, a huge stock market increase, and decreased deficits says more about your bias than it does about Obama's success.