Thursday, February 08, 2018

Shutdown Redux

"Senator" Rand Paul, tonight, on the pending bill to fund the government:
"My party is now complicit in the deficits"

Dear Rand Paul,

Shut the fuck up.

Republicans have ALWAYS been complicit in the deficits. Driving up huge deficits started with Reagan and continues through today. Republicans overspend on the military and cut taxes to deprive the government of revenue. Shockingly, this increases the deficits.

Then, Democrats come in, raise taxes on the wealthy to increase revenue, spend more money on programs that give average Americans money to put back into the economy for things like rent, food, clothes and healthcare, and then, ta-da, the economy grows, creating jobs, and generating more tax revenue. This lowers the deficits. (See Clinton and Obama, e.g.) It's not rocket science, a fact that Republicans, including deficit hawks, never seem to grasp.

And two months ago, you, RAND PAUL, voted for the stupidest tax cut in history, which will increase the debt by $1.5 trillion. Maybe you should have thought about your precious deficits when you did that, you mindless hypocrite.

So, I say again, shut the fuck up, Rand Paul, you stupid git.



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