Friday, January 11, 2019

Thoughts on Blogging

I didn't sign up to write a 24/7 "Donald Trump is an asshole" blog. I'm pretty sure my readers didn't sign up for that either. To a large extent, though, that's what this blog has become, and I'm definitely aware. I don't regret the decision to post as much as I have about Trump, but I do regret it's necessity.

What's happening in this Administration is not normal, it's not good and I think that in times like these we need to make it clear where we stand. We need to stay outraged until things are better. Now, I'm not taking up arms, I'm not putting myself into danger, I'm not really inconveniencing myself at all. I cannot compare my experience of resisting Trump to any past revolutionaries, resistance fighters or people who had to contend against murderous, oppressive regimes. I just type into my computer from the safety of my home. I risk very little. I have no delusions about how small a role I play.

Still, I will continue to post against this adulterous, lying, cheating, colluding, narcissistic, little man and his regime.

However . . . there is some good news.

Democrats have retaken the house, several governorships, and state houses. Public opinion remains strongly against the regime and finally, the political tide is turning. For the first time, this White House will be under actual oversight. And Robert Mueller's investigation treads quietly but strongly on, wracking up prison time for Trump associates.

So, in light of this, I plan to post more positive political stories. Rather than point out that Trump is an idiot for the thousandth time, I'll try to post about interesting, positive policy proposals, including progressive policies being put forth by some great freshman Congress folk. I'll also try to post more about movies, games, and other fun subjects.

That's not to say that I'm giving up the fight. It's just to say that I hope that as this country moves in a better direction, the blog can too.

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