Thursday, February 11, 2010

David Broder is hilarious!

Wow is this guy funny!
Blessed with an enthusiastic audience of conservative activists, Palin used the Tea Party gathering and coverage on the cable networks to display the full repertoire she possesses, touching on national security, economics, fiscal and social policy, and every other area where she could draw a contrast with Barack Obama and point up what Republicans see as vulnerabilities in Washington.
Yes, her extensive repertoire of shallow ideas that she doesn't understand and can't articulate beyond talking points and platitudes. And that she has to write on her hand.
Palin's final answer to Wallace showed how perfectly she has come to inhabit that part. When he asked her what role she wants to play in the country's future, she said:
"And then I do want to be a voice for some common-sense solutions. I'm never going to pretend like I know more than the next person. I'm not going to pretend to be an elitist. In fact, I'm going to fight the elitist, because for too often and for too long now, I think the elitists have tried to make people like me and people in the heartland of America feel like we just don't get it, and big government's just going to have to take care of us."

It's good that she won't pretend to know more than the next person because it's pretty clear that she doesn't. But why would that be an attractive trait in a President? The last President was a "non-elitist" who didn't know more than the next guy and HE WAS A COMPLETE DISASTER. The issues facing the country are too complicated for "common-sense" solutions (whatever that means) and can't be understood by the average person. That's reality, deal with it.

I want the President to be smarter, wiser, and all around a better person than me. Duh.

Those who want to stop her will need more ammunition than deriding her habit of writing on her hand. The lady is good.
Yes. Good at being a know-nothing, superficial idiot. Boom!

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