Sunday, February 07, 2010

High Schooler speaks before hundreds

Over the last year, those who can't give the President credit for anything, who criticize EVERYTHING he does, made fun of him for using a teleprompter - as if he's the only President to ever use one. It's such a stupid criticism that there's no way it would ever have gotten any traction but for FOX News.

In fact, Sarah Palin made fun of Obama using a teleprompter last night in her Tea Party speech, WHILE USING A TELEPROMPTER.

But from now on, Sarah Palin, and all her fans should just STFU about the teleprompter issue.


Take a closer look.

These notes aren't for the speech, apparently (after all, she had a teleprompter). They were for the Q&A session afterwards.

Last week, the President stood in front of the entire Republican Congressional delegation, certainly a hostile and supposedly informed audience, and schooled them in a Q&A session. He made them look like putzes.

Sarah Palin can't even answer softball questions from an incredibly friendly audience without checking her crib notes -- that she wrote on her hand. Probably right after gym class.

And people want this ditz to be President of the United States?

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