Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kids have it so good today?

A few weeks ago we were killing time after a funeral and before some gaming so we went to a mall near where we were.  At that mall, we encountered the latest generation of, uh, video game?  No, that's not right.  Kiddie ride?  No, not that either.

Here's what we saw.

 It's a hurricane machine.  You get in, pay $2(!!!), and a wind starts in the chamber, getting up to (supposedly) 78 mph.

Ben couldn't wait to do it and talked about it the entire time we were at the mall.  Eventually, I indulged him.

He loved it.  Of course it blew his glasses right off his face and one of the lenses popped out and ended up about 15 feet from the machine, taking us about ten minutes to locate.  But he still loved it.

And to think that my generation had to settle for first-gen video games, from Pong to Pac Man to Dragon's Quest.  I wish I had had a cool hurricane machine.


Edited to add:  And yes, Ben is apparently in Ravenclaw.

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ahtitan said...

Your edit made me smile, because I was about to ask how he did on his O.W.L.s.