Thursday, February 04, 2010


With the arrival of Snowmageddon this weekend, we’re projected to get anywhere from 12 to 26 inches of snow, a natural disaster which will certainly shut down the entire region.

It’s clear that once again President Obama has let us down.

His failure of leadership will cause widespread closures, the loss of business income, high electrical demand, food shortages in supermarkets, and a general malaise for an entire weekend.  Oh, and having this fall on a weekend rather than during the work week so we can all get a snow day or two is just boneheaded.  I’m sure that many Republicans in the Congress will agree with me that it’s all Obama’s fault.

I mean, after all, it never snowed while Bush was President.



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Marc said...

Undoubtedly, this will lead to some wrongheaded liberal policy involving more government spending, such as sending out trucks to clear the roads. Instead of this collectivist road clearing nonsense, we should rely on personal responsibility. If people want clear streets, let them clear it themselves. Why should I have to pay taxes to support some deadbeat who doesn't have a snowblower. Plus, with this collectivist road clearing,instead of letting the free market work, you are taking jobs away from kids who would compete with each other to clear the roads.