Thursday, May 20, 2010

Draw Mohammad Day

Here's my (lame) contribution.  


This isn't done to insult Muslims but to support free speech and the idea that if you want to define things as "blasphemous" in your religion, fine, don't do those things.  I don't care.

But I'm not part of your religion so the "sin" of "blasphemy" doesn't apply to me.  And that goes for ALL religions.


ahtitan said...

Nice knowin' ya, infidel.

Marc said...

I'm not sure about going to lunch with you. Please walk several steps ahead. :)

As Tonto said to the Lone Ranger when he asked what "we" should do when under attack by Indians, "What do you mean we?"

ebad said...

Its a pity for you that you think hurting the feelings of others by your actions , no matter what your religion you should be a SHAME of your self the same way your peers are shame of you........

Ipecac said...

If my silly drawing hurt ANYONE'S feelings I would suggest that they are WAY too sensitive and need to grow up.

And "my peers" were joking, not ashamed of me at all.

Marc said...

Ipecac's intention, as said, was not to insult Muslims or anyone else but to make a point about free speech. There are many things said in this country that offend me or hurt my feelings, but I do not expect others to defer to my sensibilities.