Monday, June 21, 2010

Summary of Recent Events

Wow, we had a busy weekend.

First up, Friday night we took our annual trip to the Drive-In Theatre to see Toy Story 3 (and Prince of Persia, meh). We had a great time as usual.

Unfortunately, since I was coming from work and we went to Sonic first for dinner, we arrived late and had to park in the next to last row, pretty much outside of the theatre. Honestly, we were so far back the screen could be blocked by my hand at arm's length.

So we grabbed our chairs and moved way up into the first few rows, found a good spot and camped there. Problem solved. It's nice to have the van nearby, but wasn't a big deal.

Toy Story 3 was great, touching, and another triumph for Pixar. Prince of Persia was okay. The best part of the evening was watching some guy with a van try to exit his spot at too much of an angle. They've long since removed the drive-in speakers, but the posts are still there to designate spots. This guy caught the side of his van on the post and rather than stop and figure out what the loud grinding sound was, continued to pull forward, smashing his right rear parking light and ripping off his bumper. Sweet.

Yesterday, we had Rachel's dance recital.  She is in a teen beginning ballet class and did a wonderful job on her ONE dance - the next-to-last dance in the entire 3 hour show!  Ouch.  That was a lot of dancing to sit through for one two minute portion.  Still, we lived through it and some of the dancing was really good.

Today, we saw Rachel off to Ecuador!  Her Youth Group is going on a "mission" there for twelve days, including a three day trip into the Rain Forest.  Awesome.

I made sure the group wasn't going to be proselytizing to the locals before I gave permission.  They're going to be doing some construction/maintenance work for a local camp and that sort of thing.  Besides, the country's 95% Catholic already so if they did any preaching, they'd be doing it to the choir.

Her plane landed safely within the past hour.  I'm sure she's tired but thrilled.  We're nervous but thrilled.

More details to follow as they become available.

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