Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Note to Dr. Laura

Yes, it's true that some blacks do use the N-word.  

However, that doesn't mean that it's appropriate for YOU to use the word.

But what's more important: why would you want to?

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Volly said...

Thanks for that. The simplest rule she might remember is: Nobody should use the word. But whether anybody else uses it DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT that I shouldn't.


Shifting the emphasis the tiniest bit, it's long been my opinion (as a one-time hardcore listener) that she'd be fine if she'd stick to common-sense advice about relationships. But the minute she started voicing the underpinnings of her advice, i.e. her political and religious views, the center failed to hold. It's perfectly possible to tell a caller that their marriage and family comes first, etc. etc. without EVER saying a word about the Bible, the Ten Commandments, or anything else. If she had left that out of the discussion, she never would have screwed up her career with the anti-gay rhetoric in the 1990s or the recent racial brouhaha. All she had to do was make a decision: Pick the one thing that succeeds for her and put the rest of it aside.

But she couldn't, and I think this holds all too true for numerous celebrities who stray from the thing they're really good at to more shaky ground. Mel Gibson's a good example, and there are so many more.