Sunday, October 31, 2010

Time Traveler?

This is pretty fascinating.  Of course this video has been burning across the Internet.

The fact that this guy doesn't know what the device is doesn't mean the woman is a time traveler.  Nor does the fact that the woman "looks like a man" mean anything as far as time traveling goes.  After all, if you were trying to be an incognito time traveler, why would you cross-dress?

What is the person holding to her ear?  Probably an ear trumpet.  Or a cold compress.  Or any of a hundred other devices people used back then that we don't readily recall.

One thing it's probably not?  A cell phone.


Eric Haas said...

I’m not convinced she has anything in her hands. That being said, apparently Siemens made a hearing aid in 1928 that was rectangular and about the size of a cell phone.

Paul Seegers said...

What kind shitty cell phone reception would you get in that time period anyway?

Ipecac said...

Eric, I wasn't convinced I saw anything at her ear either.

Paul, I guess the assumption is that if you can travel through time, you don't need cell towers. :-)

Excellent points!