Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who knew?

Apparently whether or not you're gay is a state issue.
Partial transcript of Rachel Maddow's hurried interview with a fleeing Joe Miller, Republican candidate for Senate in Alaska:
MADDOW: In terms of gay rights issues, there’s a man on your campaign payroll who runs a website called, his name is Terry Moffitt. Do you agree with him that homosexuality can be changed it can be cured?
MILLER: … it really is a state issue. As to how those issues want to be resolved it should be handled at the state level and as far – you’re talking about who again?
MADDOW: Terry Moffitt.
MILLER: Ok yeah, he worked with us in the primary. I have not seen his website so I’m not able to comment.
MADDOW: Do you agree that homosexuality is a choice?
MILLER: I think that’s up to the individual. The individual has to make that decision.
MADDOW: About whether or not they’re gay or about whether or not they believe that?
[Long pause].
MILLER: You know I’m not going to intrude upon an individual’s decision as to what he or she does. The fact of the matter is, it’s a state issue. That’s our position in the campaign, that’s our answer to the question.

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Eric Haas said...

And he’s also supports the Defense of Marriage Act, which takes the matter out of state hands. So, it’s simultaneously an individual matter, a state matter, and a federal matter.