Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Clone Wars Dog Days

What the heck is up with the Clone Wars?!?

The Cartoon Network show about the events of the Clone Wars, set in the Star Wars universe, was launched a couple of years ago with a mediocre theatrical movie establishing the situation and characters.  Despite the inauspicious start, the show developed into quite an excellent and interesting look into Star Wars.  The clones are interesting, the military and political situation fun to follow and exciting, and even the initially awful character, Anakin's Padawan Asohka, has turned into one of my favorites.

But the last half dozen episodes in this third season have been, well, uh, boring.  They've dealt with corruption, black marketeering, bribery, and political courage.  Not exactly edge-of-your-seat topics.  Ben is going absolutely nuts.  He wants to stop watching until the show gets back to some good old-fashioned light-sabering and blasting.

And I agree with him.

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