Monday, July 22, 2013

Post-racial my ass, Mr. Chief Justice

In case anyone missed it this week, the idea that America is past the bulk of its racism, recently proposed by Chief Justice John Roberts when he gutted the Voting Rights Act, was blown all to hell this week after the George Zimmerman acquittal. If you went on ANY conservative blogs or forums, the racism was prevalent, blatant, and vicious. It even bled over onto liberal blogs and forums as the racists couldn't help but spread their hatred throughout the internet.

Some FOX News commentators also decided that it's fashionable to be racist and let fly with abandon. There were a few conservative voices of reason. John McCain seems to be on his meds this week and Erick Erickson of all people made a reasonable comment. But they were voices in the conservative wilderness.

The President, who, apparently shocking many conservatives, can empathize with Trayvon Martin and has had the same type of experiences as a black man in America, gave a great speech, which made even more conservative heads explode. The racism (and utter stupidity) flew even faster.

I'm not linking to any of the crap, but go to any political forum discussing the verdict or the President's speech and you'll see it. I, of course, knew that America most definitely is NOT past its racism, mostly because I'm not f'ing blind.

But to see it demonstrated so clearly and loudly is depressing and disheartening.

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