Friday, August 16, 2013

A hero of another type

The idea of an actual real-life professional "wrestler" coming out as gay was absolutely unthinkable just a few years ago.

So huge respect to WWE Superstar Darren Young.
A videographer stopped Young while he was getting his bags at LAX Wednesday and asked the 33-year-old if he thinks a gay wrestler could be successful within the WWE organization.
"Absolutely," Young said, laughing. "Look at me. I'm a WWE Superstar and, to be honest with you, I'll tell you right now, I'm gay, and I'm happy. Very happy."
The cameraman was stunned and told Young he had no idea, to which the wrestler said he doesn't think his sexuality should matter.
"I guess if you want to call it 'coming out,' I really don't know what to say it is," he said. "I'm just letting you know that I'm happy [with] who I am, I'm comfortable with myself, and I'm happy to be living the dream ... Some people might not like it. Some people will like it. I'm here to please myself. I'm here to be happy ... I'm hoping to make a difference. It's very important to me to make people understand that someone's sexual preference shouldn't really matter. It should be about the person."  Link
That's a good guy. His bravery in what has been in the past a pretty homophobic setting sets a fantastic example. We need more people like him.

And good for the WWE as well:
"WWE is proud of Darren Young for being open about his sexuality, and we will continue to support him as a WWE Superstar.
It's all about respect and dignity. That's all it needs to be.

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