Wednesday, September 25, 2013

America! Pay Attention!

Please note that a Republican Senator from the state of Texas is currently in the middle of a “talk-a-thon” on the Senate floor to make his point that millions of Americans should not have health insurance.

Please note that while his Republican colleagues don’t support his procedural tactics, they do support his goal: to deprive millions of Americans of affordable health insurance.

Please note that these Republicans are willing to shut down the federal government, throwing hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work, delivering a possibly recessionary blow to our economy, and eliminating crucial services to millions of citizens, in order to keep millions of Americans from buying health insurance.

And if Obamacare goes, the insurance companies could once again deny you coverage for a pre-existing condition, cut your children off your insurance at adulthood, and will no longer be subject to competition that is already lowering prices in states that have set up their exchanges.

Republicans! Screwing over Americans because they really, really hate Obama.

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