Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Family News

While typically a lack of posts denotes laziness on my part, in this instance, that's not the case.

Carol's father died last week of heart failure at the age of 85. We hurried to Indiana last Thursday and stayed through the funeral on Monday when Ben and I made the nine hour drive home. Carol is staying with her mom until the end of the week. Rachel flew in on Sunday and then back to school on Monday, having been in Indiana a little over 27 hours. All of the extended family was there for the viewing and the funeral.

Carol's father was a good, kind, gentle man, a teacher and a musician and beloved by many. Our lives are now changed in many ways we will slowly learn over the months ahead.

Thanks to all our friends for the expressions of support through e-mail and on Carol's Facebook page. It means a lot to us.


SJHoneywell said...

Sorry to hear this. Thoughts are with you and yours.

Ipecac said...

Thanks, much appreciated.