Monday, November 11, 2013

Squirrel 153 Ipecac 0

One of the items on my smorgasbord of bird feeders are peanuts in a nut feeder. Many of the birds really prefer the nuts over the seeds and it's interesting to see which species choose which treats.

You know who else loves nuts? Squirrels. They constantly knock the nut feeder off the branch, damaging it, and they get in the way of the birds. So, after enduring months of repairing the feeder, I finally replaced it and bought a plastic shield to keep the squirrels off.

How did that go?  See this short video. (Forgive the quality, I shot it with my phone and zoomed in).

Yeah. big FAIL. What's hilarious is the squirrel's reaction to my decision to approach the feeder while he was clinging to it.

Stupid squirrel. Stupid, winning squirrel.

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