Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Your Senator does [not] care about you

Because of the Affordable Care Act, hundreds of thousands (eventually millions) of poor Americans are gaining access to Medicaid for the first time. This is a BIG THING and helps these families in all kinds of ways, and this extends to helping the economy as a whole. So who would want to take that away?
“Well look, if I went out here on the street today [and said], ‘You guys want free health care?’ I expect you’d have a lot of signups,” he said. “People signing up for something that is free” is the only thing about Obamacare in Kentucky that could be considered successful.

Asked more than once what parts of Obamacare, if any, were beneficial to the millions of people in the country without health care, McConnell had only one answer, stating repeatedly: “The law should be repealed.”
That was Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell. If he had his way, the thousands of people in his own state who are benefiting from health care would be cut off. They’d be back to no health care, living check to check, hoping that they or their family doesn’t get sick.

Why would you vote for someone who doesn’t show even the slightest amount of empathy for you or your family?

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