Sunday, January 05, 2014

Community Repilots

On Thursday, the best sitcom of the past decade, Community, returned to NBC's Thursday night lineup with two new episodes. Last year's fourth season was wildly uneven as NBC fired show creator Dan Harmon and his replacements had a difficult time finding the right tone for the show. In an almost unprecedented move, NBC renewed the show and rehired Harmon for this shortened season.

Amazingly, the two episodes demonstrated immediately why it's hard to take over for a brilliant, mercurial show creator and how that creator can instill a unique voice in a show. The two episodes were great, reestablishing the characters into the Greendale universe and restoring the distinct, fast-paced dialogue the show uses like few others. The difference from last season was startling. Chevy Chase was the only original cast member not to return, but (spoiler) he made a wonderful, completely unexpected cameo that I absolutely loved.

TV critics received five episodes for early reviews and word is that the fourth episode is amazing.

Can't wait.

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