Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rachel in London 4

Rachel sent us a text last night that she was in line (at 4:30AM!) to get a ticket to stand along the red carpet for the BAFTAs (British Oscars). She did get her ticket and was there when the celebrities walked the carpet. She posted that she saw Christian Bale, Christoph Walz, Dame Judy Dench, Prince William and Oprah, among others, and got autographs from Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Gattis, and a few others. She was really hoping to see Benedict Cumberbatch but he was a disappointing no-show.  KHAAAAAN!!

The BAFTA coverage started airing here at 8PM on BBC America and Carol was watching the red carpet footage looking for Rachel. And she found her!

Here's Leo signing autographs with Rachel taking his picture.
Here's Rachel, dead center with the black glove and camera.

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