Saturday, May 31, 2014

Our Home in London

Carol is an excellent trip planner.

For our trip to Europe, she booked us into three rooms. The first was in the Saint Germain area in Paris on Thursday, our first night. The room was a little odd with a tiny toilet closet separate from the tiny bathroom, but the room itself was reasonably spacious. Had our schedule allowed, it would have been wonderful to spend more time in that room in that area.

The second room, located outside Paris near Disneyland, was for our second and third nights. This was the most "American" of the three rooms and had the usual two double beds that you would find in an American hotel. Getting there on Friday night allowed us to take the bus into the Downtown Disney area and check out the park entrance and the amenities there before we went to the park on Saturday morning.

The third room was our home for the following week when we returned to London on Sunday night. The hotel was The Jenkins, located very near the transit hub of King's Cross, and also just a short walk from Rachel's flat. To say the room was small was to give it too much credit.  Here it is in panorama mode:

Click on the picture to make it actual size.

The picture was taken from within the doorway. Those are three twin beds. The bathroom was proportionally tiny and had no working towel rack. The wardrobe to the left was the only storage but for a tiny bed-stand next to my bed. We put a bunch of our stuff in the window bay.

To my discredit, once we arrived at what I called "the closet", I kind of lost it. I had envisioned spending a week in a charming English hotel room with actual room to, you know, walk around. I douchily vented for a bit and finally calmed down enough to realize it wasn't a big deal. (In my defense, we had gone non-stop for three days and I was likely still a bit jetlagged and exhausted, but that's no excuse.) Fortunately, I recovered, and the worst moments of our vacation were behind us. And aside from its excellent location, the hotel itself had pretty good free wi-fi and a very nice free breakfast.

For a short time this was our home and we came to enjoy it.

Like I said, Carol is an excellent trip planner.

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