Friday, June 20, 2014

Evil man comes to realization

Rupert Murdoch has finally realized that blowing up the world may not be a good thing, because that’s where he keeps all his stuff.
So, Murdoch is worried about the future of the Republican Party? And he fears that the extremism and refusal to compromise that marks the party might be hurting the country? Why on earth would that be?

In addition to the WSJ, the most influential conservative newspaper in the country, he owns and in fact created Fox News, which exerts more influence over the GOP than does any other entity in the country. Fox molds the party; it picks its leaders; it determines and feeds its obsessions. The modern Republican Party is in fact the creation of Murdoch's creation.
Hey, Rupert. DUH.

There are only a few people who are in a position to radically transform the world. Rupert Murdoch, through his ownership of the conservative propaganda machine, is one of them. (The Walton family and the Koch Brothers are two more). Unfortunately, up to now, all of these individuals have chosen to use their money and influence ONLY to enhance their own personal wealth and power. Conservatives often cite George Soros as the Democratic counterpart to the Koch Brothers, but there’s a huge difference. Soros uses his money to support causes that will help other people, including ::gasp:: those less fortunate than George Soros. The Kochs use their money solely to push their own economic interests, as if their billions of dollars aren’t enough for them. Nothing they do helps anyone but themselves and other rich people.

Let’s hope maybe Rupert is growing a conscience. If he wanted, he could really do some good in the world.


Eric Haas said...

"The Kochs use their money solely to push their own economic interests, ..."

The Kochs gave $20 million to the ACLU (more money than they gave to all political candidates combined), and they support gay rights, civil liberties, and drug legalization.

Ipecac said...

Oddly, their super-PACS have given hundreds of millions of dollars to conservative candidates who support NONE of those things. The Kochs libertarianism is pretty much cancelled by the social conservatives they help elect to protect their business interests.