Wednesday, June 04, 2014

In which I was born in Maryland (yeah, that's the ticket)

Apparently some Americans have forgotten what the word "civilized" means.
Complying with federal standards designed to prevent incarcerated people from being raped is too expensive, according to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R). So Pence informed the federal Justice Department that his state will not comply with these anti-rape standards. [...]
The rules require teens to be separated from adults, they call for cross-gender pat-downs to be eliminated in teen and juvenile facilities, and they require a certain number of staff in juvenile facilities.  Link

See, one of the timeless goals of humanity has always been to become more civilized. More wise, more mature, more compassionate, more benevolent. It's in all the Utopian fiction, for goodness sake!

But for some in my birth state, civilization is a fine goal. Just so long as it doesn't cost too much.

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