Saturday, July 05, 2014

Ipecac Eats Burgers #2 - Red Robin

If you had asked me a couple of weeks ago which chain makes the best burgers, I'd have said Red Robin. If you asked me that last week, I'd have been hard pressed to agree.

Ben and I went to Red Robin and it was an off night for the restaurant. Despite them being not too busy by Red Robin standards, the kitchen was REALLY slow. Like annoyingly slow. So when the burgers arrived, we were already frustrated.

Red Robin's Keep It Simple Burger

I like my hamburgers cooked medium rare. I have no desire to eat charred carbon burgers so anything medium or more is way too cooked for me. This creates challenges because some restaurants won't cook less than medium for liability reasons. Unfortunately, while Red Robin usually does a good job, this burger was overcooked. It wasn't horrible, but it was too done for me.

Once past the overdoneness, it was an okay burger. The toppings are good and I like their Red Robin relish. Not as good as I usually get from Red Robin, though. Maybe we'll go back and give them another chance in a few weeks.


SJHoneywell said...

It's too bad you don't live around an In 'n' Out Burger. Here's to hoping you'll get around to Five Guys.

Ipecac said...

I had an In 'n' Out burger when we visited Los Angeles. Loved it. Wish they were out here.

I have certainly been to Five Guys many times since they originated here. :-)