Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fun with Signs

In April, my shop moved to a new building to consolidate with the rest of our Bureau. My shop had been in the headquarters building on Pennsylvania Ave. for decades, but they wanted to move us and so we moved to the new satellite building.

A couple of weeks ago, wall signs suddenly appeared to direct folk to various features on the floor. I immediately noticed (that's the kind of person I am) that there were two empty slots on the one nearest my office. So, after some experimentation with font and font size, I mocked up a new entry.

Obviously, I didn't quite get the spacing right. Getting the sign apart, sliding the piece out, taking it into my office, putting the new sign in, and putting the whole thing together takes time and I'm trying to do this without anyone seeing. So, the result wasn't optimal.

Still, over the next few days, I could hear people in the hall noticing and talking about it, wondering if we had an aviary and where it was.

The next week, I struck again, and nailed the spacing and font. I didn't want to give up the game yet, so I was subtle with my choice of sign.

Again, people were talking in the hall. They seemed to conclude that the Aviary sign was a mistake, but wondered about Room 237 not having enough digits. I don't think anyone actually got the movie reference.

After being away from work last Friday, I waited until Tuesday evening to change the sign. Infuriatingly, the font seems wrong again. It's too dark. (Maybe someone changed the toner).

I went with a more obvious movie reference this time, figuring that the jig would be up once the sign changed three times. It wasn't until late afternoon that people started to notice. They think someone involved with the building is doing it and "having fun". They're half right.

I have about a dozen more of these, increasingly silly, ready to go.


ahtitan said...

Bravo, sir!

Eric Haas said...

Too funny!

BillR said...

Awesome prank!