Thursday, August 07, 2014

Ipecac Eats Burgers #9 - Sonic Drive-In

On our way to Indiana, we stopped at one of my favorite places to eat, Sonic Drive-In, in this case, the Sonic in Hagerstown. I enjoy Sonic for the nostalgia of eating in a drive-in restaurant, the quality of their food, and because of the choices available on their huge menu. We've eaten at out of state Sonics for years. We're only just getting them in Maryland and the nearest one is still 25 minutes away so we don't go very often. This is a good thing because I would gain a LOT of weight.

This is the Sonic Cheeseburger, with no cheese. They don't actually have a Sonic Hamburger on the menu so I always say Cheeseburger without cheese. Often, it confuses them. Once, they gave me a kid's hamburger as something "comparable" according to them. I sent it back.

This is one of my favorite burgers. I love the taste and the burger is never dry. Plus, you're eating in your car!

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