Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall TV Season

Just a couple of quick notes on the fall season of 2014, wherein I've been watching considerably fewer shows than usual.

Doctor Who has been incredible. The new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, is a very different Doctor from his recent predecessors and, in addition, very funny. The show has been answering some of the recent complaints about how it portrays women and the plots have been fantastic without the heaviness of past seasons' overarching story arcs. This season so far has just been fantastically written.

The Walking Dead season premier was Sunday night and to my utter surprise (spoilers) they dealt with cannibal-run Terminus in a single episode. Filled with action and Carol's ass-kicking, the episode also had the most gruesome and horrifying sequence I've probably ever seen in a television show. I'm looking at you, Trough. Yeesh, that was way too intense. I'm still kind of shaken up over how brutal it was.

And that's all for now.

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