Friday, October 17, 2014

Low pay is a feature, not a bug

You remember a few years ago, during the unjustified austerity push that delayed our economic recovery, when they froze federal salaries? The lie pushed by conservatives, still being pushed today, is that federal workers are overpaid. And our salaries are still frozen.

Yeah, big shock, it was all bullcrap.
White-collar federal employees on average earn 35.2 percent less than private-sector workers in comparable jobs, an advisory council announced Friday in the latest report in a years-long back and forth over how salaries stack up.
The Federal Salary Council announced that figure based on data gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which under federal pay law follows a methodology that has yielded a large “pay gap” figure in favor of the private sector for two decades.  Link
Conservatives like to say that they're good at business, but, of course, if you want high quality, motivated workers, you need to pay them what they're worth. Even in government. Duh.

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