Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Political Ads! You're doing it wrong.

Apparently Republican media advisors are brand new to the business. Below are two ads, one geared towards women and the other attempting to (literally) humanize Republicans.

First up, if Republicans know anything, it's the ladies!

You see what they did there? Ladies like getting married and wedding dresses. Therefore, vote for the only Governor to be confused with both Voldemort and Gollum! It's not at all patronizing or sexist. Interestingly, they did different versions of the ad for different Governor candidates. I guess they figured they could do more damage that way.

Next up, did you know that Republicans are people too?

Of course, humanizing Republicans by associating them with all the "liberal" stereotypes that Conservatives believe (Priuses! Recycling! Gourmet Cooking aka Gay!) tends to, more than anything, just demonstrate their biases. And, hilariously, many of those people aren't even confirmed Republicans, they're stock photos.

(Psst. Republicans, a bit of advice. If you're going to list all the ethnicities that are Republican, you probably shouldn't start with "Republicans are white". We already know that.)

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ahtitan said...

The most ridiculous claim in the second ad is that Republicans have feelings. Well, hate is a feeling. I guess.