Monday, November 03, 2014

2014 Midterm Voting Guide

According to the polls, it looks likely that the Republicans will retake the Senate in a few days. Despite a plurality of Americans identifying as Democrats, the extensive Gerrymandering the Republicans did after the 2010 election as well as voter suppression laws designed to disenfranchise Democratic voters, continues to give Republicans control over the system. It's unAmerican and just plain evil, but the Supreme Court doesn't care and the Republicans obstruct everything Congress could do, so nothing is being done about it.

The Republicans have made their agenda clear should they take both Houses of Congress. Most of their ideas won't actually become law because the President will veto them. But Republicans have said their strategy will be to put poison pills into must-pass bills, forcing Obama to veto the must-pass bills. This will undoubtedly lead to more government shutdowns.

As you go to the polls, if you are interested in the following issues, you should vote accordingly.

Global Warming  - Just this week, another scientific report stated that if we don't act on climate change immediately, some of the effects will be irreversible. But Republicans will do NOTHING about it. In fact, they'll do the opposite and approve any pipeline or drilling proposal that comes their way AND move against renewable energy initiatives. Republicans are going to screw over ALL humanity for political gain.

Healthcare - Republicans hate Obamacare and have already said that if they retake the Senate, they'll vote yet again to repeal the entire law. It won't work, but if it did, this would deprive upwards of 20 million people of affordable healthcare. And raise healthcare costs. And increase the deficit. Apparently Republicans want all of these things to happen. If Democrats had both Houses, they would actually pass some fixes to make the law work even better.

Immigration - If you're interested in treating other human beings like, well, human beings, forget it. Any chance at actual immigration reform or giving a break to children immigrants who have been in America for most of their lives will be gone. Republicans won't pass immigration reform and won't help Dream Act kids. Democrats would do both.

ISIS and the Middle East - Want ground troops to intervene in Iraq and Syria? Vote Republican.

Social Security and Medicare - President George W. Bush wanted to privatize Social Security but couldn't find the votes in a Republican congress. This Congress will be far more to the Right. Want to risk Social Security on the stock market and privatize Medicare to boot? Vote Republican.

Minimum Wage and Fair Wages for Women - Interested in boosting the Minimum Wage, a win-win that would help tens of millions of American families make ends meet AND boost the economy? Want to help women make equal pay? Then don't vote Republican. Republicans won't pass either of these common sense, fair, much-needed laws. In fact, they may vote to get rid of minimum wage laws altogether.

American Infrastructure - America needs badly to invest in itself. We need to spend to rebuild bridges and roads, power plants, airports, public transport, dams, and all the other infrastructure that allows us to live and prosper. Oh, and this spending would boost the entire economy. Republicans don't want to spend for any of it. They would rather sell off our public parks and lands to private interests. And America will continue to crumble around us.

Voting Rights - Think that all Americans have the RIGHT to vote and shouldn't be subject to poll taxes? Think that voter suppression is not only unAmerican but immoral? Then vote for Democrats. If they're in charge of both Houses, they'll pass meaningful election safeguards. Think it's all right to deprive Americans of their Constitutional right to vote? Vote Republican.

On issue after issue, the Republicans are on the wrong side of the American people and they are on the wrong side of history. They serve only the wealthy and corporations.

Republicans deserve to lose every election until they stop being the stupid crazy party. The ONLY way this gets better is if Democrats win control of both Houses of Congress.

Please, help that to happen.

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