Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fun with Signs - A visual pun

I've tried hard not to repeat myself in the references I've posted on the wall signs.  But a couple of weeks ago, I came up with one that superficially is another Simpson's reference (the first being the Stonecutter's symbol from a few weeks ago that I am pretty sure almost no one figured out). But I enjoyed this idea so much, I went back to the Simpson's well.

Here's what I posted.

The key is the arrow which doesn't point the usual left or right, but down at an angle. What apparently no one at my office could figure out (I listen to them talking in the hall) is that the arrow points out the window at the structures below. Our building is across the street from Housing and Urban Development, which built "flying saucers" in front of their building in the late 1990's. Yes, those weren't built in the 1960's as everyone assumes. They also look a little bit like donuts. It so irritated me that people didn't seem to realize that the arrow pointed to the "donuts" out the window, I actually explained it to a couple of people, saying "that's what I think the sign guy was going for." Sheesh, my genius is unrecognized.

Given an easily identifiable cultural reference, the copycat prankster returned a few days after this was posted to add his touch.

The speech bubble says, in Morse Code, "OIAK". I think he was going for OINK. At least the quality of his graphics has improved. When I changed the sign last Wednesday, I moved the Spider-Pig picture up to the ceiling line, where it rightly belonged.

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