Tuesday, December 09, 2014

A Mystery for Our Times

Why is it whenever there's an issue where it's fairly clear which side has the moral high ground, the side that will help people and expand human rights, Republicans (most of whom identify as Christian) are always on the wrong side?

Rape victims in the news? Republicans are always on the side of the (alleged) rapists.

Contaminating groundwater via fracking? Republicans will always side with oil companies.

Providing affordable insurance for millions of Americans? Republicans want to take insurance away from people.

Out of control police shooting or choking unarmed people? Republicans will always side with the police.

A coal mine accident which kills dozens of miners? Republicans will side with the negligent mine owner.

Torturing people, some of whom are innocent, for no good reason? Republicans are outraged to even discuss the issue.

Raising the minimum wage so that American families can survive and feed their kids? Republicans want to eliminate the minimum wage altogether.

Allowing people who love each other to marry? Republicans want to keep certain people from marrying.

Treat immigrants who came here to improve their lives with dignity? Nope, Republicans will have none of that, Ship them back, even if they'll be killed.

Don't believe me? Watch FOX News. Listen to right wing radio. They're not only on the misogynistic, xenophobic, anti-intellectual, racist, hateful side of every issue, they're proud of it.

If there's one constant in America today, it's that Republicans will be on the wrong side of every single issue. If they were fictional villains, no one would find them believable.

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