Saturday, February 07, 2015

Trouble in the Atheist Movement

I've written about this problem before.

The atheist movement, which is basically a bunch of people who don't want your religion shoved down our throats, is growing in both numbers and influence. Inasmuch as there are leaders of the movement, they tend to be old white guys, something which is hopefully changing quickly.

Unfortunately, what we've been learning over the past several years is that many of these leaders are misogynistic asshats. These are well-spoken, thoughtful people who I've admired in the past. Richard Dawkins doesn't recognize his privilege and thinks that women are being overly sensitive about having to deal with harassment every day. Penn Gillette often disparages women in offensive ways. Stephen Fry has a low opinion of women and is unafraid to express it. "Mr. Diety" Brian Keith Dalton, whose short videos I used to really enjoy, is a rape apologist. And Michael Shermer is the aforementioned (alleged) rapist.

I guess it would be surprising if there weren't some unsocial, nasty people with terrible ideas in atheism. But it's disappointing that so many are the public face of atheism.

I just don't get misogyny at all. Why the hatred for women? Women are great and improve anything they're involved in. Plus, they represent about half the human race. I believe the atheist movement, one based in rationally observing the universe, should do better.

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