Saturday, April 18, 2015

And we'll also finally get our (coal-burning) jetpacks!

Yay! The future is FINALLY here!!

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is not the candidate of yesterday (psst, that would be Hillary Clinton), he's the Candidate . . . of Tomorrow!
“The Republican Party, for the first time in a long time, has a chance in this election to be the party of the future,” Rubio told donors in a preview of his speech. “Just yesterday, we heard from a leader from yesterday who wants to take us back to yesterday, but I feel that this country has always been about tomorrow.”
“Yesterday is over,” stated Rubio.  Link
Not only does he represent the future, but he has a firm grasp on when a particular day is over. Swoon!

Four days later, from an interview on MSNBC:
Kasie Hunt: Seventy-four percent of young Americans show in the NBC poll that they back same-sex marriage. Are you out of step with younger generations on that issue?
Marco Rubio: No—well, ultimately the decision on how we define marriage has always belonged to the states. And if in fact, as the polls indicate, a growing number of Americans believe that sex—marriage between two individuals of the same sex should be—legal, then they can petition their state legislatures and change their state laws.
And in fact, I suspect you’ll see that happen. It’s already begun to happen. So at the end of the day, I always believed marriage is regulated by states. 
What an awesome movie reference! See, having taken us into the future (where being fundamentally opposed to what 74% of what young Americans want is NOT disagreeing with them), Rubio now wants to come Back from the Future, to take us into the past!

1955 seems about right.

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