Monday, April 20, 2015

Lawyers doing lawyer stuff

I'm a lawyer, so last week I had to attend an American Bar Association event to get Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit so I can keep being a "proud" member of the Indiana Bar. I'm not especially fond of going, but everyone is very nice, I see some people I used to work with, and it's only a couple of days of listening to various speakers and panels lay out the current state of the type of law I practice. I go once a year and that's it.

The event is held at the very nice JW Marriott in downtown DC and, after years of frugality, the ABA finally started shelling out some bucks a few years ago for a breakfast spread, with beverages available all day. It's pretty nice and makes the whole thing tolerable.

The center table has coffee and tea. The side tables have danishes of various sorts, breakfast bars, and an entire table of bananas for some reason. Near the doors in the top picture you can see bagels and toasters for toasting said bagels. On each side is a refrigerator with sodas, water and juices.

This was literally the ONLY perk of going. But it was a pretty decent perk.

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