Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fun find!

As I was leaving work on Tuesday, I stopped in one of the bathrooms on the first floor of my office building. The building is privately owned, and houses a half dozen federal agencies, comprising a few thousand people. There is a pretty extensive security presence in the building, managed by one of the agencies. The guards are friendly, and seem capable and professional.

The particular bathroom I was using is small, with only two stalls. I chose the larger of the two stalls and entered. Sitting on the back of the toilet, leaning against the wall was this:

I presume (and hope) it belonged to one of the guards. I quickly left the room, practically ran down the hall, and reported it to the nearest guard, who happened to be a woman. She alerted two of her male colleagues and one of them hustled down to the bathroom and retrieved the weapon. I can't imagine how horrified the guy who lost it must have been. I hope he didn't lose his job, although I trust he learned a valuable lesson. The guards I dealt with were kind of freaked out.

Me too.

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BillR said...

I was wondering where I left my gun. Thanks Bob!