Thursday, September 24, 2015

Na na na na #2 -- Don't let the door hit you, Scott Walker

This week we lost the guy who hates American workers, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Seriously, this guy hates American workers so much that he cited his fight against Wisconsin unions as evidence that he could lead America's fight against terror group ISIS. Plus, he tanked Wisconsin's economy, costing thousands of jobs, and he wants to do the same for the U.S.!

Sadly, his terribleness in the first two Presidential debates, his drop-off in fundraising, and his similarity to every other Republican candidate in terms of their horrific policy positions, doomed him. After the second debate, polls showed him at 0%.  That is not a typo. He got zero support.

So the favorite candidate of the Koch brothers leaves his campaign $700,000 in debt. I'm pretty sure he won't pay that off, since he's a member of the Party of "personal responsibility".

Let's all raise a glass and give a big, hearty DERP! to Scott Walker.

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