Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I think I've hit my limit

I watched the previous two Republican debates, but Ben had a band concert tonight so by the time we got home, the third debate was 90 minutes under way. I watched for maybe 15 minutes before I turned it off.

After lying about gun free zones attracting mass killers (they don't), Trump said, despite that many of his properties are gun free zones, that he'd be comfortable if they weren't. Yeah, sure. Then start allowing guns on your property, asshat.

Then Cruz went on and on about his ridiculous tax plan that would lower revenues so much that it would literally kill the government. Bush's plan is equally moronic.

And then the MINISTER of the group, Mike Huckabee, smirkily implied that the Clintons have killed people - to great applause from the wastes of flatulence in the audience.

Mother Fucker. I'm done with these pea-brained assholes. There was a time when making a baseless accusation of murder against another Presidential candidate would end your political career right there. Now Republicans applaud. These are terrible, terrible people.

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