Thursday, November 19, 2015

Good one!

When Donald Trump started his run for President, he was so instantly outrageous and borderline crazy, there was significant talk about whether or not he was just trolling the Republicans. People were half-waiting for him to say "Gotcha!" and laugh at how crazy people were for making him the front-runner. Sadly, that hasn't come to pass.

But now, we have a new, even more serious contender for Chief Troll, Ben Carson.

This is a map of the United States that his campaign tweeted out. (Click to embiggen).

That's a map of the racist, dumb states (including my own, thanks to our stupid Republican governor) who have said they'll ban Syrian refugees. Notice anything funny?

Here's a blow up of the East Coast. Check out the Northeast.

Carson is such a bad candidate and his team is so incompetent, they can't even create an accurate map of the United States.

Carson is clearly just trolling us. Well done, sir.  Well done.

Now please just go away.

1 comment:

SJHoneywell said...

My dumb, racist Republican governor, too.

If you weren't already aware of it, Bruce Rauner of Illinois is a shit.

It's nice to know that evidently Vermont is no longer a state.