Monday, November 23, 2015

True Colors

This is what happens when you constantly demonize and vilify other people, especially minorities.
Several people attending a rally for Donald Trump in Birmingham, Alabama, physically assaulted an African-American protester on Saturday, witnesses said.
The protester began chanting "Black Lives Matter" and took off his sweatshirt to display a T-shirt printed with the phrase before people at the rally reportedly attacked him.
At least a half-dozen attendees shoved and tackled the protester, a black man, to the ground as he refused to leave the event," Diamond reported for CNN. "At least one man punched the protester and a woman kicked him while he was on the ground."
After initially ignoring the protesters, Trump acknowledged their presence from the podium, Gatliff said. “Is somebody saying something?” Trump reportedly asked.
"Some [audience members] laughed, some booed, and some yelled, 'All lives matter,'" Gatliff recalled. "That's when Trump said, 'Get him the hell out of here.'"  Link
Trump subsequently defended the incident, calling the protester "a very obnoxious guy who was a troublemaker and he was looking to make trouble."
"Maybe he should have been roughed up," he said on Sunday.  Link
Can you imagine President Obama, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, who have ALL faced hecklers and protesters, turning a blind eye to their supporters attacking someone who interrupted them? Can you imagine them egging on those same supporters and then saying that the guy deserved it? That has not, and will not, happen. But to Trump and his people, this was just another black guy to beat up.

And to make it worse, Trump tweeted this on Sunday.

These statistics are completely fabricated. For example, 
"In 2014, about 82 percent of murders involving white victims were committed by other white people, while only 14 percent were committed by black people, according to the FBI." Link
This chart is a racist lie, intended to support the false idea that blacks commit most of the murders in America. And the Republican Presidential frontrunner sent it out, to support violent actions taken by his supporters against a black protester.

If you vote for this despicable man, then you support this racism.

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