Monday, January 25, 2016

Are you thinking of voting for Ted Cruz?

Donald Trump is getting most of the attention among the seventy-four nitwits running for the Republican nomination for President, mostly because he's a huge racist, narcissistic, douchebag who will say apparently anything for attention. But let's not ignore the second place candidate, Senator Ted Cruz.

Seriously, don't you just want to punch this smug face?

Below are just some of the awesome plans that Ted Cruz has in store for us if he does become President (thanks to Daily Kos). (It should be noted that as President, Cruz wouldn't actually have the power to do most of these things, but that's how delusional he is):
  • The U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv would be moved to Jerusalem. (Because this wouldn't light a fire under the already tenuous Israeli/Palestinian situation. Seriously, this would be a huge dick move.)
  • He'd axe the Commerce Department, and with it millions in grants for small and minority-owned business assistance. Too bad small businesses!
  • He would eliminate the Department of Education, leaving all education policy up to the states. Given climate change and evolution denial, abstinence-only sex ed, and conservatives' "American Exceptionalism" view of history, you can imagine how well that would go.
  • He also wants to kill the Department of Energy because apparently we don't need any regulations over energy production or a coherent energy plan.
  • Housing and Urban Development is on Cruz' chopping block so goodbye all the programs that help people secure affordable housing as well as enforcement of anti-discrimination laws.
  • And finally, the Internal Revenue Service would be "abolished". No idea how the government would process taxes and revenue without the IRS.
  • Killing those five agencies would result in 214,000 federal employees and contractors losing their jobs. Good thing those workers don't have families or mortgages or car payments or healthcare needs.
  • Cruz has said that he wants to abolish income and payroll taxes. This would, incidentally, eliminate the Social Security and Medicare trust funds. 
  • He would somehow unilaterally reverse the Iran nuclear deal. You know, the one where it's been confirmed that Iran just destroyed all their nuclear weapons development sites? I guess they could go back to building a bomb.
  • He would get rid of Obamacare of course. Too bad for the millions of Americans who now have affordable healthcare. Or those who have pre-existing conditions. This would also blow up the deficit with a huge increase in public spending as people went back to the emergency room plan for healthcare. 

Of course, Ted Cruz is pretty much hated by everyone who gets to know him, so even the Republican establishment is working against him. But he takes extreme Christian positions and that endears him to the evangelicals. And that has catapulted him to the number two position in the Republican hierarchy of infamy.

To return to the question in the title of this post, if you are thinking of voting for Ted Cruz, either (1) you don't know what he stands for, (2) you don't care if he harms America and tens of millions of Americans, or (3) you're an idiot.

Your choice.


Tony said...

His head looks like a face has been drawn on one of those erasers on the end of a pencil.

He is a terrible terrible person.

Chris Matthews said he might have a little sympathy for Cruz in the wake of his citizenship crisis if Cruz had ever once said anything about how ridiculous the birther movement was (and is).

SJHoneywell said...

I would literally vote for a Subway sandwich over Ted Cruz.

Ipecac said...

There are people in my family who are actually thinking about voting for him. It's the evangelical effect. ::shakes head::

Anonymous said...

Be careful speaking for your family, we've not discussed it with you. So you wouldn't know
Your Brother

Ipecac said...

I would be very happy to hear that no one in my family is thinking about voting for Cruz. He's a terrible person.

Ipecac said...

. . . with terrible ideas.