Friday, January 22, 2016

Snowmapocalypseageddon - 1PM

Because of the approaching blizzard, the federal government closed at noon today. I didn't go in because my round trip commute is two and a half hours and being at work for only three hours didn't really seem worth it. Three of my people live close to the office and they held down the fort until noon. Given that all the local schools are closed, which puts government workers with kids in a bind, I think it would have made more sense to just close the government, but that wasn't my call.

So now I'm home, stocked up on survival goods (more or less) and looking forward to a quiet, snowed-in weekend. I'm crossing my fingers that the power doesn't go out. But if it does we've got lots of wood to burn, so we'll be warm.

I thought I'd track the storm in pictures. Here's the first, taken at 1PM, before the snow hits. Note that the bird feeders are full.  (Click to embiggen).

I'll update when things have changed.

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