Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Arseholes hate "freeloaders"

The next time you see people on Facebook or other social media whining about their taxes while denouncing "freeloaders" for wanting all free stuff, remind them of this.
There is an enduring myth that people who rely on public assistance are unwilling to work. However, there are 41.2 million working Americans (nearly 30 percent of the workforce) who receive public assistance—and nearly half of these workers (19.3 million) have full-time jobs. Not surprisingly, these workers are concentrated in jobs paying low hourly wages. A majority (53.1 percent) of workers earning less than $12.16 per hour—the bottom 30 percent of wage earners—earn so little on the job that they must rely on public assistance to make ends meet.  Link
The fact is, there are tens of millions of full time working Americans who cannot support themselves or their families because they make minimum wage and don't have any chance for advancement. A living minimum wage would mean they could get off public assistance and would lift our economy for everyone, rich and poor alike.

The hateful shaming of low-wage Americans by calling them "freeloaders" for relying on an adequate social safety net (which also helps the elderly and the infirm) is despicable. Call out such hatred when you see it.

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