Sunday, February 07, 2016

Busy Week

Last weekend we attended what will likely be Rachel's last show at JMU, the restoration comedy, The Beaux' Strategem. We drove up on Saturday morning, saw the 2PM matinee, took Rachel to dinner, and then attended the 8PM show. We've done this a few times over the years and I will greatly miss it now that Rachel's graduating.

The show was fun. Being a restoration comedy the language was "Shakespeare-lite" which I'm sure made it a little difficult for Ben to follow but not so much as an actual Shakespeare play. The show was set in the 1960's which allowed for more modern costumes and language. Rachel played Cherry, the daughter of the thieving innkeeper, in one of her biggest roles. As usual, she was great and the whole cast really did a great job enlivening the material.

This weekend, both kids had important auditions. Ben auditioned for scholarships from one of the schools he's been accepted to, Albright College. He and Carol went up to Reading, PA, yesterday for the audition.

Meanwhile, Rachel was in Memphis for the UPTA, a national audition for theater folk. Ninety-two theatre companies from around the country were there to see talent for professional theatre jobs. Rachel got 9 callbacks! She's back at school now. I have no idea when she'll hear back. Earlier this week she auditioned for the National Players in Olney, Maryland.

Carol and I are both very proud of our talented kids.

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SJHoneywell said...

As a dad of not theater kids but ballet kids, I know both the joys and the pains of performances.

Nine callbacks! That's tremendous! Congrats!