Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trump for President

I want Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee for President.

I want that because I still have faith that the American people won't elect a lying, misogynistic, racist, ignorant, fascist to the Presidency and will elect another Democrat. And I'm hopeful that a Trump nomination will result in Republicans losing many, many seats in Congress as moderate Republicans and conservative Independents either sit out or vote for Democrats. Retaking Congress is the only way things will ever progress in America.

Of course, I'm really concerned about what will happen to some Trump voters, also ignorant, racist and apparently violent, when their guy doesn't win.  I'm hopeful they'll calm the F*CK down and get with the program, but they never did during Obama's Presidency, so I have little hope they will under a Clinton or Sanders' Presidency. After all, there won't be a black man in the Oval Office, but it will be either a woman or a Jew. And the Trumpets may be driven by their inevitable shellacking to take even more radical actions.

The biggest surprise for me in the crap sandwich that is the Republican primary season is Trump. I had always thought of him as kind of an amiable, egotistical, blowhard. Kind of an asshole, but never someone who would encourage violence against minorities and those who disagree with him. (I didn't know it before, but there's actually a good deal of evidence that this behavior is typical for him.)

Honestly, now that Trump's invested in running for President, I think he doesn't care about what happens to people he opposes; he's decided to do anything to win. That's what's behind all this; a deep indifference to other people, so long as he gets what he wants.

I really hope my faith in Americans is justified. Because if not, we're screwed.

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