Sunday, April 10, 2016

Old Person Update

A couple of weeks ago was my paternal grandmother's 93rd birthday. She's my last grandparent still alive and lives in a nursing home in Indiana where she's pretty unhappy. There's not much going on there but watching television and the occasional visit from a relative, so she's bored and wants to get the whole thing over with. I don't blame her. It's tragic that most places in our squeamish society don't let people choose when to end their life.

Meanwhile, my 69 year old mother had knee-replacement surgery this week and is recovering well. She has had a lot of mobility problems and we're hoping this will resolve many of them.

And then there's me. I'm 51 years old and getting my first colonoscopy on Wednesday. I am starting with the dietary restrictions today, building up to a full fast on Tuesday to Wednesday while I take the medicine to flush out the system. Awesome. On the plus side, while fasting I can drink all the white grape juice I want. I like white grape juice.

Getting old sucks, but modern medicine makes it a lot more tolerable (in most cases).

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