Sunday, May 15, 2016

Trump's very bad week

Donald Trump had a bad week. Not that he'd notice, since, as he said, he could "shoot a guy in the street" and his followers wouldn't care.

But let's recap.

First, Trump's long time butler had a few nasty, racist things to say about the President.
To all my friends on FB, just a short note to you on our pus headed "president" !!!! This character who I refer to as zero (0) should have been taken out by our military and shot as an enemy agent in his first term !!!!! Instead he still remains in office doing every thing he can to gut the America we all know and love !!!!! Now comes Donald J Trump to put an end to the corruption in government !!!! The so called elite, who are nothing but common dog turds from your front lawn are shaking in their boots because there is a new Sheriff coming to town, and the end to their corruption of the American people (YOU) is at hand !!!! I cannot believe that a common murder is even allowed to run (killery clinton) OR that a commie like bernie is a also allowed to also run !!!! Come on America put your big boy pants on---this election you have a choice---GET YOUR ASS OUT AND VOTE !!!! Thank you !!!!  Link
President Obama should be killed.

To be fair, Trump himself didn't say it, but the guy he paid for seventeen years to be his personal butler did. Now imagine if someone close to President Obama said something controversial or objectionable. Let's say, his minister. Would Republicans attribute those statements to the President?

You don't have to guess, Republicans have been going on about Rev. Jeremiah Wright for eight years now.

Also this week, it was revealed that in the 1970s, 80s and 90s, during telephone interviews, Trump would pretend to be Trump spokesmen, John Miller and John Barron. Of course both spokesmen are really impressed by Trump.
Discussing Trump's divorce and his prospects with women, "John Miller" said Trump is "somebody that has a lot of options, and, frankly, he gets called by everybody. He gets called by everybody in the book, in terms of women," according to the audio recording obtained by The Washington Post.
Hilariously, on the Today Show, Trump finally had enough of the questioning about this and said,
"You're going so low to talk about something that took place 25 years ago whether or not I made a phone call?" Trump said. "Let's get on to more current subjects."  Link
This from the man who has repeatedly blamed Hillary Clinton for Bill Clinton's affair, oh, about 25 years ago. So Trump is a hypocrite. Big shock, I know.

Of course, on Friday, Trump denied pretending to be his own spokesmen, which once again proves that he's a flat out liar.

Then there was the New York Times. The Times detailed interviews with dozens of women who spoke of Trump's sexist, misogynistic advances on women he worked with.
Their accounts — many relayed here in their own words — reveal unwelcome romantic advances, unending commentary on the female form, a shrewd reliance on ambitious women, and unsettling workplace conduct, according to the interviews, as well as court records and written recollections.
If you think the apple fell far from the tree, here's something about Trump's father, Fred, from Trump's ex-wife Ivana.
Fred would order steak. Then Donald would order steak. … Everybody order steak. I told the waiter, “I would like to have fish.” O.K., so I could have the fish. And Fred would say to the waiter: “No, Ivana is not going to have a fish. She is going to have a steak.” I said, “No, I’m going to have my fish.” And Donald would come home and say, “Ivana, why would you have a fish instead of a steak?” I say, “Because I’m not going to be told by somebody to have something which I don’t want.”
Here's Donald's behavior at one of the Miss USA pageants, which he owned at the time.
His level of involvement in the pageants was unexpected, and his judgments, the contestants said, could be harsh. Carrie Prejean, who was 21 when she participated in the Miss USA contest in 2009 as Miss California, was surprised to find Mr. Trump personally evaluating the women at rehearsal. “We were told to put on our opening number outfits — they were nearly as revealing as our swimsuits — and line up for him onstage,” she wrote in her memoir, “Still Standing.”

Donald Trump walked out with his entourage and inspected us closer than any general ever inspected a platoon. He would stop in front of a girl, look her up and down, and say, “Hmmm.” Then he would go on and do the same thing to the next girl. He took notes on a little pad as he went along. After he did this, Trump said: “O.K. I want all the girls to come forward.” …
Donald Trump looked at Miss Alabama.
“Come here,” he said.
She took one more step forward.
“Tell me, who’s the most beautiful woman here?”
Miss Alabama’s eyes swam around.
“Besides me?” she said. “Uh, I like Arkansas. She’s sweet.”
“I don’t care if she’s sweet,” Donald Trump said. “Is she hot?” …
It became clear that the point of the whole exercise was for him to divide the room between girls he personally found attractive and those he did not. Many of the girls found the exercise humiliating. Some of the girls were sobbing backstage after he left, devastated to have failed even before the competition really began to impress “The Donald.”

So how has he handled this very bad week? Trump basically denied every single thing said about him. When confronted about Trump's recent flip-flops on policy, one of his senior advisors had an interesting take.
When a fellow panelist pointed out in response, “Typically, words matter,” Bennett had a strange response.
“Oh please, this words matter stuff. This is ridiculous,” he said. “You are looking desperately for a reason not to vote for him.”  Link
And when asked if all this lying, misogynistic, hypocritical behavior would hurt Trump, Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus said,
“All these stories that come out — and they come out every couple weeks — people just don’t care,” Priebus said when questioned about the NYT report on “Fox News Sunday.” “I think people look at Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and say, ‘Who’s going to bring an earthquake to D.C.?’”  Link
So here's the question for you, potential Republican voter.

Do you care?

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