Sunday, July 24, 2016

A simple challenge

If you're one of the people who would normally vote Republican but are, rightfully, afraid of the fascist nightmare that is Donald Trump and his candidacy, but who won't vote for Hillary Clinton because you hate her, I have a challenge for you.

This week is the Democratic convention. Unlike the Republican convention which was filled with wall to wall lies and fearmongering to scare you while offering up no actual policies, the DNC will outline plenty of actual ideas to help America through tough times.

My challenge to you is this:

Just watch some of the convention and LISTEN to what the Democrats are saying.

Put aside 25 years of conservative witch-hunting of Hillary Clinton; ignore the conspiracy theories regarding Vince Foster, Benghazi and the nothing burger that was the e-mail "scandal". Ignore the fascist idea of "lock her up" because she's the leader of the opposition. Just put those out of your mind for one evening and LISTEN to what she's saying. Listen to her ideas, her proposals, her positions on the issues. Listen to what she wants to do. And ask yourself if those proposals would help you and other Americans.

And then weigh that against what Donald Trump is proposing. Rounding up millions of immigrants. Depriving tens of millions of Americans of their health insurance. Pulling the US out of NATO and the World Trade Organization. Reneging on NAFTA and other international agreements. Letting Russia run roughshod over the Baltic countries. Restoring "order" while ignoring the protections of the Constitution.

This is an important election. I get that people are angry. But do you really want a narcissistic fascist with no respect for the Constitution and no knowledge of actual policies in charge? And no, I'm not talking about Clinton.

That's my challenge. Watch and listen. The contrast from the Republicans will be stark and absolutely clear and you might just find that you agree with many of her positions, from civil rights to gun control to the economy.

And isn't that someone you should vote for?

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