Thursday, July 21, 2016

Please let the door hit you in the nads on the way out

Horrible human being and serial harasser, Roger Ailes, was "fired" from FOX News today. He'll have to comfort himself with an extended consulting contract and a $60 million golden parachute.

Murdoch’s comment did not address the obvious — that Ailes is resigning in the midst of not just Carlson’s allegations but similar claims from many other women, reportedly including multi-million-dollar-earning Fox star Megyn Kelly — but instead noted Ailes’ “remarkable contribution to our company and our country.” Link

Let's make this really clear.  Roger Ailes was a cancer on our country. Few people in American history have done as much damage to our political system, our political and civil discourse, and our ability to come together as a nation. Ailes is the asshole who unleashed Hannity and O'Reilly on us. Ailes was a terrible, terrible influence on a large segment of Americans and history will judge him as a monster.

Good riddance.

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